Bob Patz                                                

On a vacation to San Diego in 2003 I saw a DeLorean for sale.  While I was looking at it I was asked if I wanted to test drive the car.  I told him sure, I had never seen a DeLorean in person let alone driven one.  My wife and I took it for a test drive and it was the most fun I ever had driving a car, and I’ve driven a number of sports cars.  I told my wife this would be a great car to have and she told me to buy it.  Being very conservative, I don’t make spur of the moment buying decisions.  After a talk, over a cup of coffee, she told me I had taken care of the family while they got everything and now it was my turn.  After checking the car over I decided to buy the car and have never regretted it.  Since the car is so much fun to drive my license plate reads SO FUN.  The vin number is 5144.  I have been tempted to up grade the stereo, but am torn in keeping it as original as possible.  Now that I joined the Arizona DeLorean Club, when I attend a meeting, it is the only time I pull up to another DeLorean.