Hugh & Laura Halladay                             

We first ‘met’ our DeLorean in about 1984 when a friend and co-worker, a fellow car nut named Monty, used his DeLorean as daily driver. The D was parked in the company parking lot almost every day and got lots of attention.  Monty had several car projects ongoing but was always on the lookout for more.  At that time Hugh had a Mark V Jaguar partially restored.

Fast  forward to 1987 (it’s easy when you have a time machine).  Monty now has the Jag.  Hugh and Laura ended up with the D, VIN 5125. 

We loved the DeLorean and had borrowed it on previous occasions before we bought it.  Laura’s favorite DeLorean story is the 16th birthday of our daughter:

    So, what is the best thing to happen to any teen-ager 15 years and 9 months old? Getting a driver’s permit of course!  On our daughter’s 16th birthday we told her we had a surprise for her and that Laura would pick her up after school.  “How will I find you?”  she wanted to know.  “Don’t worry, you’ll find me.” was her reply.
    We borrowed the Delorean, and had Monty’s permission for our daughter to drive it for an hour.  Laura drove it to her high school, parked in the parking lot, raised the doors then sat and waited.  The kids coming out of class went nuts over the car (this is 1986 and very kid had seen BTTF).  Just to sit in the driver’s seat was a dream come true.  Soon our daughter and a circle of friends were walking across the campus toward the parking lot.  Laura saw her point and mouth to her friends “Look, there’s a DeLorean!”  About eight or ten steps later she stopped and yelled, “OH MY GOD! IT’S MY  MOM!”
    After walking in circles around the car for at least a half hour she was calm enough to sit in the driver’s seat and start the engine.  She drove the car for about an hour and to this day thinks that it was her best birthday present ever.

5125 is an October 1981 car with gray interior and automatic transmission.  The previous owner installed a modified exhaust and lowered front end.  Other updates including an all metal radiator, SS Coolant bottle, Fanzilla, new seats, coolant bleeder lines and a new DMCH fuel sender have been added over the years.  The car is essentially a 45K mile stock ‘driver’.

In the mid 80’s James Espey, now a DMC Houston V.P., and a few other local owners (including Hugh) formed DOA Chapter 43.  This was the Genesis of the present AZ-D. 

We love our DeLorean and love getting together with other DeLorean owners and lovers. Some of our greatest memories to date are Memphis 2002 and Pigeon Forge 2004.

It’s a real thrill to get on the road (or even around town) in a string of DeLoreans.  A special ‘kick’ is a caravan of DeLoreans driving with ‘wings up’.

Hugh is still a car nut and he’s retired now so he can spend more of his time working on his D. Laura thinks that the DeLorean is the nicest looking car that has ever been on the road.  She loves the stainless body, the profile, the gull wing doors and the sound of the engine.  She especially likes the Susan B. Anthony coin on the shift knob.  She will probably never part with “her” 5125.

Hugh and Laura Halladay
VIN 5125
Lic. Plate:  MY GULL