Richard Federico                             

Hello DeLorean Enthusiasts – My name is Richard Federico, and I’m a DeLorean owner (#6440) from Chandler, Arizona. I was also your MC at the DeLorean Car Show (DCS) in Memphis, TN, Pigeon Forge, TN, and will return as an MC in Pheasant Run, IL. My relationship with Ken Koncelik, (DCS owner) goes back a few years, as his previous job brought him to Arizona every 3-4 weeks. During that timeframe my wife Kathy and I, owners of the Arizona clubhouse, as well as some members of the Arizona DeLorean Club (AZ-D) became Ken’s Arizona DeLorean Southwest Oasis. I credit Ken and his support with driving me to keep my DeLorean roadworthy, and to get my D out of the garage on a monthly basis (Thanks, Ken). In summary, I’m a 45 year old, happily married, Intel engineer, happily driving DeLorean owner (#6440) and “I’ll see ya in Pheasant Run”